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In a vase on Monday 5.8.17

 I had to run outside early to gather the Nanking cherry blossoms before the general drizzle started up again.  They are a happy heartsong every spring. The wee little red maple leaf caught my eye on the way back to the house. It’s the last hurrah for Narcessi. The tiny yellow trumpet hiding in the center is super cunning to me. I call the others my frilly daffy down dilly.  Durango marigolds and Sorbet pansies in the window box.

The Nanking cherry bush in full spring glory. When the blossoms cover the ground they look like pretty pink snowflakes.  I also cut early branches and bring them inside to extend their flowering season. It’s been here since 2002, another FEDCO addition to the landscape.

Mamma Maple setting out her flowers. The trees are waking up and showing soft color before going green. The sickle bar mower has been parked for a couple of years now. 

A full vase of sweet frilly daffy downdillies I picked for the supper table on Friday. 

The new growth on the cactus has been amazing to watch. 

I’m posting “In a vase on Monday” with other garden bloggers on Rambling in the Garden. Check out the variety of colors, textures and glorious presentations. 

What shall we say? Shall we call it by a name?  Let it grow!

In a vase on Monday 5.1.17

It is certainly daffodil time on The Hill. Daffodils are a joy to me. I find them cheerful. The fields start greening up and the daffodils pop out in glorious shades of yellow.  I started with a bag of FEDCO daffodil bulbs I picked up at Common Ground Fair in 2001 and now have a number of daffodil clumps on garden edges and around the yard.  I like to look out the window and see daffodils.

But look, look quick– the old grand maple behind the house is waking up too!  Welcome to May sweet Mamma Maple.  I’m so glad to see you.

The flowering marigold in the window box is a Durango marigold from Johnny’s Selected Seed  It’s my first time growing marigolds for containers. They are one of the main container garden flowers for the Green Love Renaissance garden and are supposed to be edible as well.  

I’m thinking of creating a Green Love container salad for the Court of Cannabia. The plants for the salad could include a Garden Peach tomato from my saved seed, Durango marigold and Sorbet pansies.  I’m on search for beautiful lettuces that grow well in containers now.

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden blog for her weekly blog call for “Flowers in a Vase” every Monday. I look forward to looking through all the posted flower vases on Mondays.