End of the Month View 7.31.2020

End of the Month – July 2020

The wall of sunflowers has emerged. Squash is vining and claiming it’s ground. What seemed like too much space is really not enough when it comes to squash—every time. My surprise of the season is watermelon. I’ve never grown it before. I was gifted a seedling from Linda, my comrade in so many adventures. This year I have the honor of tending actual watermelon babies.

Green Love is strong, healthy and growing. What a joy to be legal, to care for the plants right in our fertile garden soil. So much more bountiful than five gallon buckets and secret patches hidden through the wild land. “The secret space of dreams, where I dreaming lay amazed.”

End of the Month – June 2020

End of the Month – May 2020

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