In a vase on Monday 5.22.17

Apple blossom time on The Hill! Dear sweet pink tulip only gave two blooms this year.  They match beautifully with the pink blush of the buds. I’m so inspired by the artful arrangements each week for In a Vase on Monday.  I took extra care setting the background and placing the tulips.  Harry had me set it up so the western light would light up the arrangement without sacrificing true color. 

The overhead view.  The little blossom nestling the tulip is especially endearing to me. Cuddling up.

Come and meet the apple trees on The Hill.  I had a lovely a photo inventory walk.  I plan to photo the apples that come from the trees.  They have different ripening times from mid summer to late fall.  I don’t know any names or varieties….yet!

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