In a vase on Monday 5.15.17

This vase started with a flowering grass bouquet Harry brought me in from the yard during the Mothers Day drenching!  We marveled at the soft purple tint of the seed head and its determination to regenerate.  The Sorbet and Penny pansies with Durango marigold looked so sweet that I put them in the vase too.  The vase is a little shot glass we use for tiny blooms and bouquets.  Deadheading pansies and marigolds is a regular task now. It’s a joy for this Deadhead mama, just “skimming through rays of violets” in my “sunshine daydream.”
And the view from the top:

II do enjoy preparing a weekly arrangement and post for In A Vase on Monday.  It’s a garden “meme” hosted by the Cathy at the Rambling in the Garden blog.  I look forward to the other blog posts and seeing their arrangements, flowers and reading about them. It’s my online garden club!

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