Tuesday View 5.9.17

It’s been a cold rainy week in The Hill. The fields and trees are taking a cool deep drink of water. It was a chilly 40 degrees F this morning, but blue sky and sunlight called me down to the Memorial Garden for my Tuesday View.

There is not a lot of dramatic change this week. I worked on landscaping, shaping and extracting rhizomial grasses.  The garden is heart shaped with two smaller interior hearts. It’s a whole lotta love

Let’s “dig, dig, dig a little deeper” and see what is new this week. If you look close the heart shape becomes apparent. Tex’s rose and my unknown vibrant green clump look great!  I’ve used coco coir as an amendment.  

There are three lilac bushes. I cut this whole one back severely to bring out the strong new branches. 

This lilac bush was pruned more moderately.  I left most of the bottom growth alone. 

I’ve left this bush alone to see what it will do. It’s really scraggly but majestic in its own way though.

The lupine is vibrant and looks very happy.  I planted Majestic Giant pansies around it. 

Digging around through the sod filled areas I found this perennial plant.  I’m not sure what it is, I suspect echinacea.  Time will tell. 

Any ideas about this plant? It will be easier to identify once it sets flowers.  Curiouser and curiouser…

The real work of the week in the Memorial Garden.  Hours of digging, sifting and teasing out these roots.  If I don’t do the work now, it will be near impossible as the soil settles in.  I know I didn’t get them all, but I did slow them down some.

My roots go down, down to the Earth.

The Tuesday View is a weekly snapshot of the same place in the garden.  Garden bloggers from all over share their “meme” at the Words and Herbs blog. It’s a place for “all who appreciate the beauty of words, flowers and homecooking.” 

4 thoughts on “Tuesday View 5.9.17

  1. What a lot of work you have on your plate! But you seem to have a little friend following you around (appears in one of the pictures above!). I’m sure it will be just lovely, and nice to follow you as you work. Is the plant you asked for suggestions in naming a helenium, do you think? Good luck this week!


    • Zula keeps a close eye on me! The Memorial Garden hasn’t had deep work for a number of years and had become unruly with aggressive perennials and what I call rhizomial grasses. I will add helenium to the possibles. Balloon flower Platycodon has also been suggested but it seems too early. Time will tell.

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  2. I wonder if your unpruned lilac will produce any flowers? It is good to have enough to experiment on with pruning. I occasionally chop down some of my shrubs when they get too unruly and they usually recover well. Clearing the ground is hard work, but like you say, it is easier to do it now rather than later. Good luck with all that work ahead of you still!


    • The flowering has been spotty for years. I’m hoping for rejuvenation through pruning. After flowering is supposed to be the time to make cuttings to root. I’d like to have some lilac containers. We’ll see how it works.

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