Sitting on top of the hill

Patches of snow are still abundant but I can walk to the top of the hill again.

The apple tree needs major pruning this year. It is a joy to see folks camping underneath and eating apples right off the tree. Much more likely if we get the pruning done!

Zula and I enjoy our hilltop morning walks. It’s not time yet to walk through the fields. I do see the wild daisies in my minds eye, waiting for me under the snow. 

Roland the Magnificent created the stone alter for Renaissance:Cannabis Rising last year. It’s a keeper! I want to find a woody flowering vine to grow over the arch.  Recommendations and advice appreciated! I’m planning on morning glories and sweet peas until I make a decision. 

Wow! There is a wood line path to Spunion Hollow!  Walked down to Pat’s stone benches.  I would like to make Bread & Puppet style twig arches for the benches with the apple tree prunnings. Something fragrant to breathe in, maybe mints or roses.  Definitely a bucket of petunias!

And climbing back up the hill, I found a burl. Our neighbor David carves and crafts beautiful burl wood spoons and bowls. He brought over a beauty from a sugar maple tree that came down in front of the old manse. I’m using it exclusively for my sourdough starter.

The dough is rising for fresh bread this evening.  I’m planning to transplant about 90 petunias into pots this evening while the bread bakes, sing along with the Stones, dreaming color.

She comes in colors ev’rywhere, she combs her hair, she’s like a rainbow.”

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